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There may be little harder than running a mindful business. So why is it that creating and developing a mindful business is so hard?

One of the reasons is the language that most businesses speak. Depending on the orientation of the business (sales, product, market, etc.) the language and culture of a business will determine how receptive and able it is to become ethical, sustainable and work towards a higher purpose.

If this is how we define a mindful business herein lies our challenge.

I spoked today to a product-centric, multi-national corporate. Not a client, an organisation that is new to me, and I quickly spotted the challenge they face.

As a product focused business, this is the language they speak. Literally everything focuses on developing, marketing, selling and supporting product. Nothing else matters. They don’t have the space or time and importantly, the language, internally, to even start considering the importance of ethics, sustainability and purpose. To them, the world revolves around product and they are very good at it.

But with this success comes a reticence, dare I say, complacency, to even consider that they should be devoting resources and times to become more mindful.

It’s a shame that they aren’t feeling able to do this because there is a knock on effect along their supply chain and this creates interdependence on similarly positioned businesses. It’s a hard one to break out from.

In this short podcast I introduce an idea that might just get a company like this to think about the virtues and importance of becoming mindful in business. Let me know what you think.

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