Mindful Collective Visualization Tool, a brand new ethics and sustainability online indexing tool is explained by Co-Founder, Neil Wilkins.

The Mindful Collective have developed this visualization tool to help businesses begin their journey towards being more ethical and sustainable. As Neil explains, the tool utilises on screen sliders to record perceptions of where a business is today and where it would like to be in the 12 aspects of mindful business, defined by the Mindful Collective.

The visualization tool can be used by individuals, in team meetings, in strategic planning and away days as the centre of discussions for business self-assessing where they are today and where they aspire to be across the four main criteria in the new business mix: Purpose, People, Process, Profit.

Neil explains, “We are so excited to share the beta version of the Mindful Collective Visualization Tool because it represents a practical and useful way of helping the thinking and planning of businesses beginning to strategically create an ethics and sustainability roadmap.”

Neil continues, “In the future, we would like all business, in every sector, to take seriously their responsibilities in protecting the planet and society. This visualization tool helps them to begin shaping their thinking.”

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