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Remarketing is a digital marketing technique that enables marketers to increase the conversion rates of potential customers who visit their websites and social media pages but do not purchase on an initial visit. We might consider this a remarketing trick.

By the careful placement of pixels and code, the marketer can ensure that the potential customer who has left their website, is presented with an engaging and motivating follow-up advert, pop-up or notice. This follow-up normally includes a one-off, time limited, special offer for the product or service that wasn’t purchased but was clearly of interest to the potential customers.

This remarketing trick is also called a marketing funnel and is designed to encourage those ‘nearly’ customers to go over the line and make a purchase. Depending on the sector, customer type and product or service on offer, conversion rate improvements of 1% to 20% can be stimulated and clearly this makes a significant difference to the bottom line, because these customers would otherwise be lost into the ether.

So that’s from the marketers’ perspective. From the consumer’s perspective we can use this re-marketing trick to get great special offers but actively encouraging the remarketing process to kick-in and to proactively enter the marketing funnel ourselves, thereby avoiding the full-price of the product or service we are interested in.

Of course, this trick only works if a brand has a re-marketing funnel in place, but many, if not most, now do.

So how would we use this remarketing trick.

Do a Google search for the product or service you are seeking. Have a quick look through the options available to you, but just skim the websites and social pages to make your choice.

When you have selected your chosen brand, do a deep dive into their website, beginning with product or service features, watch introductory or sales videos and look at the testimonials page. Finally look at the pricing page to compare price options. Note the full price and decide upon the level you are happy with. With this trick you should not need to pay the full price.

From the website, click the link to the brand’s Facebook page and scroll up and down their timeline as well as check out their About page.

Now comes the trick.

Leave your browser open and stay logged into Facebook, but close the tabs that you have used to view the brand’s website and Facebook page.

Now, open up Facebook and click on your Home link. In the right hand column, if the brand is using re-marketing, you should see your special offer, discounted price for the product or service you have recently looked at in a Facebook advert. Click the advert and enjoy redeeming your coupon, code or discount.

This re-marketing trick helps you to get a great price for any product or service you are seeking. The marketer will be happy too because they have sold to a customer whom they would otherwise have lost.

If you are a digital marketer, you should note that some potential customers may use this trick with you!

As with all effective and authentic marketing, both parties, the marketer/brand and the customer, should both see a win/win in the sales transaction so let’s keep things above board and ethical at all times. Great value always wins, every time.

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