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Have you struggled to integrate what you love doing, with what can bring you financial security in your life? Maybe you have reached a career crossroads or cannot decide what course or job will suit you best? It may be you feel unfulfilled in your life and you have an unsettled sense of purpose? Have you wondered what is the fundamental point of your existence?

Is everything just fine, but something perhaps does not feel quite right, in work or in your private life? It’s now time for finding your personal IKIGAI.

Maybe, you just intuitively, know there is something more?

IKIGAI, the ancient Japanese personal awareness concept, helps you to identify your reason for being, your life purpose, by focusing on four main spheres in your life:
1. It helps you identify what you most love
2. Establish what you are best at
3. Helps you to understand what the world needs from you
4. Identifies what you can be rewarded for

Life planning with IKIGAI, helps you find the ‘sweet spot’ in the middle of these four spheres of your life, to help you find personal enlightenment and manifest the life you desire.

“The smallest of changes, can make the most profound differences.”

Finding your IKIGAI will help you to live every moment with your true Purpose. The skill is in making simple, binary choices, rather than trying to solve everything in one attempt.

“You are asking yourself the wrong questions.” Nick Kemp, Ikigai Tribe

“For Japanese, ikigai is something that is felt or sensed, most often in meaningful relationships, hobbies, connecting with nature and helping others. It is not something they seek to be paid for.”

“Everyday on LinkedIn, many members share the Ikigai Venn diagram framework, with good intentions, believing it is the Japanese concept of ikigai. While, it is a helpful and inspiring framework, it has little to do with ikigai, at least from a Japanese perspective.

The Venn diagram framework is the creative work of Spanish author and astrologer, Andrés Zuzunaga, who created it as Propósito (The Venn diagram of purpose) in 2011. It first publicly appeared in the book Qué Harías Si No Tuvieras Miedo (What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?) by Borja Vilaseca in 2012. We should recognise Andrés and be grateful for his unique and inspiring perspective on purpose.” Nick Kemp, Ikigai Tribe

So… why IKIGAI?

  • Learn to identify and align your life with the things you love and that bring you the most joy
  • Clarify your core strengths and the value they provide to those around you
Find out how to align your working and personal life with what the world needs
Identify how you can be rewarded and paid for the skills and services you offer
Integrate the answers from your heart, mind, body and soul, to start manifesting the life you desire
Take the next steps on your life map; your personal development journey

Remember, you are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul… it’s time to go deep inside yourself and explore your most significant drivers

“What makes you FEEL that life is worth living?”
Nick Kemp : Ikigai Tribe

It’s time to feel as well as think. What does your heart want and need?

1. Don’t only seek do something that you love, do something that will give you a valuable learning experience

2. Don’t seek to do something you are good at, do something that will make you grow.

3. Don’t seek to do something grand that the world needs, do something small to make the people you care about feel needed.

4. Don’t seek to do something to get paid, do something freely to help others.

Four Key Tips for finding your personal IKIGAI

Focus on your Symbiotic Relationships – relationships in work and personal life where you find most mutual value

Know that your Sweet Spot is where you should be and where you can be, every moment of every day

Once you find your Ikigai, you can’t unknow it, so trust it and go with the flow

Keep re-visiting the four elements of Ikigai and fine tune as you journey from here onward
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