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My mantra for 2022 is “Awareness and Abundance”. Sound great?

Living an IKIGAI lifestyle is doing what you love, that the world needs, that you’re good at, and that you can be rewarded for, every moment of every day. This, is my focus for 2022 and I invite you to join me.

This year is all about us creating Great Habits. So let’s begin today with “Habit 1 – Removing SHOULD from your world.”

Throughout the rest of your day, notice every time you say to yourself or to someone else, the word ‘should’. Notice the context, the people involved and reasons you use to justify why you ‘should’ do or say something. How does that make you feel? Are you using ‘should’ as an excuse? Are your ‘shoulds’ as valuable to you as the things you ‘must’ do? Keep a record of every time you say or think ‘should’ and notice if you see any patterns.

We will use your answers in an upcoming session.

Remember, if you’d like me to let you know each time I do a ‘live’ on social, email me now and I’ll keep you posted.

To Learn IKIGAI Visit for my online course

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