Are you a Human Being or Human Doing?

It’s Day 20… How is your 2022 journey going so far?

I’m hearing lots of questions about the difference between Being and Doing, and yes there’s a big difference.

As a Human Being, we are mostly centred, balanced, calm, happy, focused and on track. As a Human Doing we are racing to achieve, making comparisons with others, judging and often beating ourselves up over things we perceive aren’t working out.

For most people, by Day 20 of a new year, the resolutions are a distant memory and the hustle and grind of everyday life has taken control again. Back to running the hamster wheel!

And this is where we have the chance to reset, develop the techniques, commit to ourselves, to find space in every day to return to Being human rather than always Doing human.

You don’t need me to remind you that your best ideas, inspiration and feel good moments, come from when you are Being (on a walk, in the shower, when meditating…) and hardly ever from when you are Doing (trying to multi-task, racing to your next appointment…).

So much the same as when we removed the word Should from our vocabulary a couple of weeks ago, let’s remove words like Busy, Hectic and Can’t. Rather let’s get obsessive about the word Being and just for today, remind ourselves to return to being a Human Being.