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Personal Ethics and Responsibility

Personal Ethics and Responsibility recording of a webinar (not great sound quality) as part of Cambridge Marketing College’s personal and professional development series.

Neil Wilkins discusses the importance of personal ethics and responsibility in establishing yourself as a true professional in your work and career development.

Topics discussed in this recording include:

Purpose – Your deepest reason for being, personal style and tone of voice, the integrity spectrum

Values – Understanding how you make decisions, Partygate and Will Smith, Vulnerability as a strength

Social Conscience – Role models and influencers, this is not The Apprentice, taking personal ownership and accountability

Relationships – Start and end with you, relationships are what you both fuel and nurture, accountability for everything is yours, it’s your life

Collaboration – Giving without expectation, appreciating preferences, managing your manager through partnership

Business Etiquette – Out of sight out of mind, obsession with courtesy and good manners, honesty without apology

Career Development – Professionalism through empathy, setting new standards, performing at the next level up

Top Tips – Respecting our time as our most precious resource, my responsibility is, not my job is, never again use the word should