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Crafting Post-Purchase Experiences, with Tobi Chapman


Founder of Everboost, Tobi Chapman, joins Neil Wilkins to talk customer retention and the importance of crafting post-purchase experiences.

Neil and Tobi discuss how you approach the challenge of keeping content fresh and engaging, especially when sending out frequent email or SMS campaigns to customers.

They share how you can achieve genuine personalisation in marketing campaigns and where AI fits in an integrated tech stack with data collection and analysis at the core.

Tobi shares his recommended tools and platforms for brands looking to improve their retention and the role that storytelling plays in retention marketing for DTC brands, especially in the skincare and supplement sectors, in which he specialises.

Tobi also shares his top three pieces of customer retention advice:

  • Focus on the post-purchase experience to reassure the customer of their decision
  • Use your data collection in implementing your strategy
  • Reach out and listen to customers and then respond to what they say

Visit Everboost  and connect with Tobi.

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