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Personal Engagement

Neil Wilkins talks to Cambridge Marketing College‘s students and studying apprentices about the vast range of extra curricular resources, events and connection opportunities.

Whilst focused on the College learning experience, there is value for everyone in this podcast episode as Neil explores the benefits of personal connection, being proactive and engagement with professional communities.

The Value of Professional Connections and Personal Engagement
Personal and professional growth.
Exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences.
Increased opportunities for collaborations.
Building a strong support system.

Joining Professional Organisations
Strengthen industry knowledge.
Access to industry events and resources.
Boost career opportunities.
Create lasting professional relationships.

Online Groups
Search Linkedin for groups of interest.
Join your sector specialist communities.
Networking opportunities.
Enhancing your experience and knowledge.

Professional Networks
Places to meet like-minded professionals.
Exchange of knowledge and best practices.
Stay updated on industry trends.
Collaboration on projects and ideas.

Live Webinars & Masterclasses
Get real-time interaction with experts.
Dive deep into specialised topics.
Engage in Q&A and discussions.
Opportunities for hands-on learning.

Making The Most Of Your Experience
Be proactive and take initiative.
Engage actively in discussions.
Attend as many events and sessions as possible.
Always be open to learning and networking.

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