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Personal Branding Podcast – part 1

Personal Branding Podcast is part 1 of a short series of interviews with friends and colleagues who are also on a journey of understanding how their personal brand forms part of the services they offer to customers and clients. If you are the face of your business, run social media activities, or are customer facing, […]

Huawei Live Twitter Launch Teaser Campaign

Last week Huawei ran an intriguing and highly effective Twitter campaign that serves as a great example of how to use what might otherwise be quite a passive and reactive social media tool. Over the preceding weeks, Huawei offered up a tweet a day, with a visual countdown towards the big live launch of their […]

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Digital 2018 Live : Episode 10 : Listening

Listening and learning from your digital marketing and social media performance is key to continuous improvement and maximising the value from your social network and website. In this Episode 10 of the Digital 2018 Live series, Neil Wilkins talks us through the three essential levels of listening and guides us towards some simple ways of […]

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H2H not B2B or B2C

Heart to Heart H2H not Business to Business B2B or Business to Consumer B2C could be the next big thing in marketing and there are many reasons why this makes perfect sense. We have used B2B and B2C in our commercial conversations for decades and in the past they perfectly summarised the differences in approach […]

How To Find My USP – Unique Sales Proposition

I am often asked by my clients to explain “how do I find my USP?” The USP is your unique sales proposition, that tangible and amazing nugget of gold, that differentiates you in your busy and competitive marketplace. If you are a commodity offer, the same as your competitors, or worse still, you simply copy […]

Cowspiracy Movie

Cowspiracy movie has taken my thinking and determination to the next level. We cruise along thinking that we are contributing good things to the world, being positive, giving back and acting ethically. The we watch a movie like Cowspiracy and we realise that we are merely scratching at the surface. In just 1.5 hours we […]


Driving Digital Experience – where to start

Driving digital experience and where to start is so much more than the bland descriptions of customer journey or worse still, user experience (UX). User experience as a phrase is so wrong. Our valued and loyal customers and indeed those prospects who we’d eventually love to become loyal advocates aren’t users they are one of […]

Feed Your Family And Your Soul

Let’s think about how we might feed our family and feed our soul at the same time. Whenever we think of our passions we think about what makes us smile, what gives us a warm feeling deep inside and what we would want to be doing if all else failed. Whenever we think of what […]