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How to Plan a Marketing Launch

As I start the planning for the release of the first Neya Mindful Living online workshop, I thought I’d share how to plan a marketing launch. Using simply a flip chart and sticky notes, I guide you through the example of how to create a launch marketing plan within an hour, capturing everything you need […]

Digital Transformation a key to Mindful Marketing

This is a really neat trick and we should all be doing this is we are practicing mindful marketing. Spot an industry trend, think about how it relates to our organisation and then do deep dive research into it so we fully understand why it’s a trend, how it has evolved and what pace and […]

Marketing 2020 Linkedin Organic Content

Linkedin organic content in 2020 may be the next big thing in social media. Have you noticed over the last six months that you are becoming deluged by spam inMail and unwelcome sales messages and connection requests each time you log into Linkedin? You are not alone. Linkedin is THE hot spot in social media […]

How To Prioritise Stakeholders

Cameron Forsyth has given me this blog idea “How to Prioritise Stakeholders” and I thought it would be useful to share my answer to his question. Who are your stakeholders? They are everyone who has a vested interest in how your organisation performs They have very different perspectives They pull in different directions When you […]

Digital Advertising in 2020

Digital Advertising in 2020 is all about getting best Return on Investment (ROI) from your precious marketing budget. You have a choice when you consider digital advertising because often, with careful planning, you can achieve the same end results by creating or curating organic content. With the proliferation of social media and website advertising opportunities […]


How to Mindfully Prioritise a Busy Day

In this latest Neil Wilkins Podcast, Neil shares an experience with a client where he helped them to mindfully prioritise a busy day. Neil guides us through a simple but powerful process, using the criteria, strategic importance and urgency. This process can help you make valuable priority decisions, especially when people are demanding a lot […]

Morning Routine Green Smoothie

Morning Routine Green Smoothie What’s Your Morning Routine? I make a green smoothie most mornings, to go with meditation and some yoga stretching. I find that balancing some thought work (or with meditation, lack of thought) with some physical work and then fuelling myself, are the correct ingredients with which to begin each day. It’s […]

How to Stretch Time

We all wonder how to stretch time. We’ve 24 hours available in every day and yet some people feel they are busier than others. Many people also believe that they will never complete everything they set out to complete. Time is our most precious asset and yet it often feels as though we never have […]

Marketing Apprenticeships

Marketing apprenticeships guide your marketing staff in their personal learning at the same time to contributing to your business. A marketing apprentice learns essential skills and knowledge whilst they add value in their marketing role. Cambridge Marketing College (CMC) have released a short video that helps to demonstrate the great value this adds to the wellbeing […]