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Quantum Crystal Healing

It’s episode 30 of The Mindful Living Show and today I sit in the garden with Sonya and we talk about her brand new online course Quantum Crystal Healing : Ignite Your Healing Potential. Listeners can enjoy a HUGE discount by clicking here to redeem Sonya’s special coupon until 8 June 2020 Quantum crystal healing […]

How To Green Your Business

In this conversation with Eoin McQuone, we explore how to green your business. As we talk, we realise that to achieve this, it’s about balancing sustainability with growth, to ensure buy in across your business. Eoin is hosting a free workshop on Tuesday 26 May at which you can experience his 6 point plan and begin […]

Reset Your Health

Reset Your Health is a new nutrition and wellbeing programme designed for your unique self. Based on evidence, research and science, this programme aligns your eating programme and its nutritious recipes with what’s best for you. Find out more at Reset Your Health In this episode of The Mindful Living Show, also available on podcast […]

Self Leadership a conversation with Dan Stanley

Self leadership is one of the key mindsets that allows you to balance your thoughts, emotions and actions for a happy, successful life. Founder of Better Men, Dan Stanley talks to me about how men can develop more effective self leadership by evolving their emotional intelligence and by holistically balancing thoughts, emotions and actions. This […]

How to create Future Economy Network

I had the pleasure today of interviewing Katherine Piper, Director of Future Economy Network. Katherine has created one of the UK’s largest sustainable business communities and we hear just how she has achieved this. If we break down Katherine’s conversation we find that you can replicate this amazing community, if you have time, patience and […]

Mindful Time Management Techniques

Here are some mindful time management techniques to ensure you make the most of every day. In this short video tutorial, I will introduce you to 10 Principles of Successful Time Management and a fail safe technique for prioritising activities, projects and day to day living. Live your time more mindfully by creating great mindful […]

The Jackfruit Company

Episode 20 of The Mindful Living Show in which I talk to Adrian Beale, Co-Founder of Buckley & Beale, speciality food importers and distributors, about the latest hot product in the food industry, Jackfruit. As Adrian explains, Jackfruit is a whole food, plant-based solution that offers an inherently meaty texture. Unlike many meat-alternative products, which […]

Digital Wellbeing with Dr Heidi Forbes Oste

Digital Wellbeing is such an important topic at this time. Digital technologies can have a significant impact on our physiology and our emotional and mental wellbeing. In this fascinating conversation with Behavioural Scientist, Dr Heidi Forbes Oste, Neil Wilkins discusses how to avoid technology toxicity and to embrace and balance digital technologies in life and […]