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How I Define Mindful Living

How I Define Mindful Living is a really important podcast episode for me because I share how I define mindful living. To me, the phrase is not about empty, positive-thinking, motivational hype that we see and hear so often in so-called personal development events and courses. I believe Mindful living is a strategic and practical […]

Why Your Business Needs An Intranet

I find myself talking regularly to clients and others about why your business needs an intranet. I’ve found over the years, I am often approached to fix issues with external marketing. It might be a company feels they need a new website, brochure, brand, or other tactical challenge to fix. However, as soon as we […]

Hydration Product Review

I would like to share with you a hydration product review. In this video blog, I talk about how important is is to balance the quality and quantity of the water you drink, as you hydrate. I talk about two products which I think you will find interesting, for different reasons: Berkey Water Filtration System […]

Journaling for Work and Life

Journaling is a technique you can use for work and in living a mindful life. It’s a fascinating, immersive and very personal experience. In this episode of the Neil Wilkins Podcast you will learn that there is no right or wrong way to journal. It is a matter of flowing and enjoying the experience of […]

Wholesome Organisations Remove Work Ego

Wholesome Organisations Remove Work Ego This blog was inspired by a conversation with Danielle Garratt. We explored how we can work more closely with cross-functional teams who may or may not be sharing collective goals. This is a key starting point. Organisations who fail to share collective goals and a vision of working together are […]

Marketing Budget Setting 2020

How much marketing budget should you be setting for 2020 as you work through your strategic marketing planning? Setting a marketing budget can come from a variety of different angles: 1. Just accept and work with whatever your management team says they have available 2. Take a % of your company revenue. Often this is […]

How to Plan a Marketing Launch

As I start the planning for the release of the first Neya Mindful Living online workshop, I thought I’d share how to plan a marketing launch. Using simply a flip chart and sticky notes, I guide you through the example of how to create a launch marketing plan within an hour, capturing everything you need […]

Digital Transformation a key to Mindful Marketing

This is a really neat trick and we should all be doing this is we are practicing mindful marketing. Spot an industry trend, think about how it relates to our organisation and then do deep dive research into it so we fully understand why it’s a trend, how it has evolved and what pace and […]