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There has never been a better time than right now, to figure out your passion, your purpose, your vision and the community you need around you to make it a reality.

How many people do you know who constantly talk about their dreams but then do nothing about them. They live with their head in the clouds and will likely die unfulfilled.

This might sound dramatic and sensationalist, but let’s remember that today isn’t a rehearsal! You will never have today again, so let’s make every second count.

That’s not to say you must panic and stress over every second that passes. Gary Vaynerchuk says “… macro patience, micro speed…” which reminds us that it’s all about carefully pacing, both emotionally and physically at the same time as staying focused and true to the end goal.


Figuring out your passion is vital to ensure you will sustain the momentum you need to keep you on track and inspired every day. So what is it that you are really, truly passionate about? It will be the thing that when you think about it and talk about it to others, you feel yourself lifted, lighter and talking faster. Being honest about your passion(s) is vital to ensure you are aligning your dream with what YOU want and not what others expect you to be or do.

Finding your purpose is the next and slightly more practical consideration. This is more than just what you might currently be good at. Purpose goes far deeper and is too detailed and intrinsically important to cover in detail in this article. But let’s say for now it’s your specialism. It’s what, deep down in your core, is the most value you can offer to this world and this lifetime.

How special is your specialism? Is your special purpose, the thing that others would say should be on your headstone at the end of your life, really special? Have you pushed yourself hard and far enough? Will your stated purpose resonate with the real you? Focusing deeply on your self awareness should open up your true purpose. We will talk about this more in a future article. For now, think “who am I?”. Purpose is answering this question and not “what am I?”.

With your passion and purpose, simply defined and standing hand in hand, what’s your vision? In other words, what will your future look, sound, and feel like, with your passion and purpose seamlessly integrated and aligned? Picture yourself as your future self as though you are already there. You may be amazed at how many things you previously thought of as ‘future’ are actually materialising right here, right now.

Vision is interestingly not just about something that appears tomorrow. It’s a concept that takes time out of the equation and allows you to live as your future self today.

And as you take daily steps in the direction of your vision, with your passion and purpose aligned, who should be in your community to help your journey?

You should from this moment onward, surround yourself with people who help not inhibit your journey. Cast aside the naysayers and dissenters, negative types and sceptics. Welcome into your community, supporters and fellow passionate types who are on a similar journey, wherever they are. Think also of the specialists who can infill your weaknesses, allowing you to play to your strengths.

Live your future self today. Top careers and business opportunities come from those recruiting talent like you. They are recruiting great people with huge potential and a vision, rather than just filling a job title with a qualified character.

Remember you aren’t what you do, you are who you are… Shape and live your future today.


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