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The Mindful Index is making great progress as we build software to allow companies to self assess.

The index is a rating of ethics, sustainability and mindfulness.

Here’s a little podcast explaining the Mindful Business Model. Does it make sense? What else would you like to know? We are all about collaborative improvements, so if you have any suggestions or if you know someone who could contribute to the development of the ‘deep dive’ into any of the elements of the model, please point them in our direction.

I have just published a short article at which helps to explain the difference between The Mindful Index (self assessment of your business ethics and sustainability and mindfulness) and The Mindful Score (an objective assessment of your business ethics and sustainability rating, so consumers and other companies can make informed decisions about who they would like to do business with).

The Mindful Collective is gathering momentum and tomorrow we will be attending Green Britain conference to speak with a variety of organisations, campaigners and businesses who are at the forefront of sustainability and carbon reduction initiatives. Such exciting times as we begin to see a difference being made in both mindset and actions on the ground.

If you have any good examples of strong ethical and sustainable businesses with these ingredients at the heart of their culture, please do share with me.

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