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The marketing mix has changed and in this webinar, Neil Wilkins focuses on purpose, sustainability, less is more, efficiency and importantly, giving yourself more time to reflect and innovate next year.

This podcast is in association with Cambridge Marketing College and forms part of the wider learning and development teaching the College provides to its apprentices.
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“It’s that time of the year again when our attention focuses on plans for 2022. Time to get in early, beat the competition, become super-efficient and create your marketing plan for 2022”

1. Create a plan that’s an Investment
2. Allocate 80% of your Time, leave 20% for Listening, Watching & Innovation
3. Focus on the New (Extended) Marketing Mix
4. Less is More, so Select 3 Strategic Themes
5. Creating your Plan

Part 1
Create a Plan that’s an Investment
Everything you plan must show an ROI
Is every step moving closer to your vision?
Are you continually removing underperforming products, services, tasks and customers?
Have you reality-checked your stretch smart goals?

Part 2
Allocate 80% of your Time, leave 20% for Listening, Watching & Innovation
Stop trying to do too much
Leave 20% of your time for research and reflection
Look outside of your industry
What’s your view of the marketing value of the metaverse, NFTs and Social Audio Communities?Surround yourself with specialists

Part 3
Focus on the New (Extended) Marketing Mix
“Your professional life should be solely about creating Value”

In 2022 “Create a new breed of business. A business that balances the need to create profit with delivering sustainable wellbeing outcomes for all of its stakeholders. A business that balances the non-financial, intangible assets and factors with the tangible and financial results. And all of this, supporting a higher purpose.”

Product – Value Creation
Research and Analysis
Innovation and Co-Creation
Customer Relationships

People – Stakeholder Value
Stakeholder Relationships
Leadership and Culture
Employee Engagement

Process – Value Delivery
Supply Chain
Sustainable Delivery
Metrics and Measurement

Profit – Value Return
Value Based Pricing
Conscious Cost and Revenue
Circular Business

“Purpose is an organisation’s meaningful and enduring reason to exist,that aligns with long-term financial performance,provides a clear context for daily decision makingand unifies and motivates relevant stakeholders.”

Part 4
Less is More, so Select 3 Strategic Themes
One Purpose-Driven Theme
One Marketing Sustainability Theme
One Customer-Lifetime-Value Theme

Part 5
Creating Your Plan using SOSTAC ® by Paul Smith

Top Tips
Never use the words budget or cost, use Investment
Agree your highest priority customer persona and choreograph their journey “If you could only market to one persona, who would it be?”
Prioritise your Must-Should-Could and your Now-Soon-Later
Obsess about efficiency, remembering 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers, 80% of your outcomes come from 20% of your efforts and 80% of your enjoyment comes from 20% of your activities

If you need help or guidance creating your Marketing Plan 2022, contact Neil Wilkins.
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