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Marketing Your Personal Brand

You have a personal brand, whether you like it or not. In this engaging and action-oriented Marketing Your Personal Brand webinar, I’ll explore how you can take control over how people experience you, in person and online. In this webinar we will explore together:

1. Defining your personal brand

2. Your tone of voice and style

3. Are you authentic and transparent

4. Are you playing to your strengths and core competencies?

5. Have you figured out your IKIGAI?

6. Let’s refresh and evolve your personal brand

7. How to link your social profiles and personal website

8. Next Step Actions

I’ll help you balance your story with the rule of thirds

Show you how to be recognised for key phrases

Start you off creating your Ikigai: your reason for being

This Marketing Your Personal Brand webinar, is the third in a series of four career development webinars. It is available on catch-up on the Mindful Business Show on YouTube and on Apple Podcasts and Spotify if you would rather listen than watch.

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