What is coming in marketing in 2020?

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Here are some brief answers to just some of the questions included in this webinar with a group of UK marketing apprentices from a variety of sectors.

What’s the best way to grow Instagram as a marketing channel?

IGTV appears to be a focus of the algorithms so ensure you are regularly posting videos and make sure your engagement response times are very fast. Take care if you schedule posts that you are ready and waiting to reply to questions and interact too.

I don’t have very much time, should I focus on internal or external marketing?

Internal first, always, because your staff and peers need to know what’s happening before you tell your customers. Otherwise leads and enquiries will land on people who know nothing about what you are doing.

I am struggling to create different messages to what our competitors say?

People is always the answer. Your people are your USP so share all the great stuff and help your customers to get to know everyone in the business.

What will be the most important thing in marketing in 2020?

Time – there is no more important asset that your customer has, so with your products and services, help them to invest it, save it, spend it… 

I have been looking at lots of the content on www.MindfulCollective.net but don’t know the best way of introducing the ideas to my business?

Evidence-based ROI is always the best way to communicate any new ideas into the business. Make sure you talk the language of the team you are communicating with.. be that finance, sales, or operations.

There’s always so much to do, we don’t have time to try new things. Should we just keep doing the same marketing that’s working?

Balance your focus on 80% core and 20% explore… protect what works but ensure you are always innovating

What’s the best way to measure our social media results?

The basic Insights of each network is a start but also, www.SproutSocial.com, www.SocialReport.com, www.SocialMention.com Aggregators always give you a wider basis from which you can turn information into intelligence

Can you clarify the difference between marketing strategy and marketing tactics?

Strategy is 3years and Tactics is 1year

Everyone’s saying use influencers in your marketing, what do they really mean?

In practical terms your influencers are the noise-makers in your customers’ community. These are your micro-influencers so get to know them, listen to them, be a good friend to them, and figure out how you can add value to each other.

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