2020 You

How do you see the 2020 you?

As we come to the end of the decade it’s a great time to reflect on recent years and plan where you are going next.

With this in mind you could take a full online programme like Life Map by Neya® or perhaps you could begin with the following checklist:

1. Where are you now?
2. What would you love to be doing?
3. What do you have to offer?
4. What has been blocking you?
5. What do you need to learn and develop?
6. How can you get others to help you?
7. What do you look like to the world?
8. What can you strip out that isn’t serving you?
9. What are your timing and financial plans?
10. What are the next steps?

By taking some quality time for yourself and reflecting on these questions you might find you uncover some exciting new opportunities to develop the 2020 you.


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