Why You Should Be Thinking Metaverse Now

The metaverse, in the form of Second Life, has been with us since 2003, but it’s only recently that Facebook have announced their intentions with Meta.

So let’s explore why you should be thinking metaverse now.

Change is inevitable and with the right mindset and investment of your time, you can embrace the opportunities of this new connected world, today, tomorrow and into the future.

In this episode of Friday Focus, Neil Wilkins talks to some Cambridge Marketing College apprentices about Meta, the metaverse and whether new technologies and innovations should be in their marketing plans and day to day thinking.

Neil argues that everyone should be aware of new innovative technology and the potentially huge commercial and competitive opportunity for us all, today. Curiosity and hunger for positive change is at the heart of mindful marketing.

This video is also available on the Neil Wilkins Podcast.