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A rising tide will lift all boats is a quote attributed to John F Kennedy. However, the original source is believed to be the New England Council, a regional economic forum in the US during the 1960s.

More recently we have seen this quote manifest regularly in spiritual and people development circles. This is because it underpins the notion that positive leadership and inspiration is at the heart of encouraging others to follow in your footsteps.

Personally, I love this quote and when I heard it recently in a talk by Caroline Myss, I was reminded that we all have a choice to inspire others and the world around us by literally being the change we are seeking.

If we want a better world we behave as though the better world is already with us. If we want to have positive, encouraging and supportive people around us, then we behave in a positive, encouraging and supportive way ourselves. The responsibility is not outside of us, in the hands of others, it’s in our own hands and the decisions we make every day.

If we choose to become the rising tide then we will metaphorically lift all the boats around us. We know the law of attraction says that we become who we perceive we are and that we manifest the world we create ourselves, so we know this to be true.

Find a little time today to think about how you can become the rising tide and lift those around you.

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